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Plantrician U fills a critical gap in medical and health profession education. Many of today’s leading causes of death are preventable lifestyle-associated chronic diseases and conditions yet, while physicians are generally the gatekeepers of dietary recommendations, they continue to receive less than 25 total hours of nutrition training in medical school.

What’s worse, studies have shown that when students enter medical training, most value the role of nutrition and lifestyle in health, but after just two years of training, that value is significantly diminished. Physicians and healthcare practitioners are well-trained to diagnose and treat disease but they aren’t equipped with the latest science of disease prevention and reversal – knowledge and tools that are critical to addressing today’s greatest healthcare challenges and leading causes of premature death.

Plantrician University is entirely supported by the generosity of our donors.

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When you support The Plantrician Project, you support initiatives like Plantrician U that are creating a transformational shift in healthcare to dramatically reduce the global burden of chronic disease and shift towards a more sustainable healthcare system and world.

The support from our generous donors has helped us turn science into action for ten years – and we have a bold vision for the next ten. Essential to fulfilling our vision are impact programs like Plantrician University which are entirely supported by the generosity of our donors.

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